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La Experencia Mexicana for your special event

 We do our best to accommodate your needs, call 24 hours in advance before your event and we will do our best to provide an order to your liking!  Orders are subject to availability, pick up only.

Large orders (75+ guests) , must be placed 7 days in advance and delivery is subject to availability. We no longer provide deliveries on Sundays, pick up only.

Pachanga Taco Bar Package

 The ultimate party package for your party!
Our best selling item!
15 person minimum
corn and/or flour tortillas
choice of meat
Mexican rice
refried beans
pico de gallo
Pictured: corn and flour tortillas, barbacoa (top), fiesta chicken (bottom), refried beans and Mexican rice.

Chips and Salsa Bar

Just looking for something simple for your party or an addition to your taco bar package?

Chips and Salsa Bar

One tray feeds 30 people

Choose up to 5 salsas

Fajita Taco Bar

Craving only tacos? Order the fajita taco bar with just tacos and toppings for $3.20/each!

Fajita Taco Bar
50 tacos minumum
flour tortillas
chicken, beef or vegetarian fajitas
sour cream
pico de gallo

Our sides are complimentary to any fiesta and make your meal even more delicioso!

One tray feeds 15 adults, picture as shown.


Cilantro Rice


Refried Beans


Mexican Rice

Guacamole Dip + Chips

Who can ever go wrong with guacamole dip and chips? One tray feeds 25 adults, picture as shown con un poquito mas!


Salsa Mango


Salsa Tomatillo Rostisado


Salsa Sabrosa


Pico de Gallo


Salsa Fresca


Salsa Nortena


A classic Mexican dish made with a variety of combinations! Picture shown are chicken enchiladas in red sauce.


Now available as a mini! Our classic tamales comes in two sizes, regular and mini! Choose from a variety of flavors from the traditional pork in red sauce to our sweet corn tamales.

Mini VS Classic tamales

Postre Sampler

Everyone loves mini desserts!

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