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Variety of Mexican and Latino grocery products frozen, dry, and shelf stable labels  of groceries such as Goya, La Costena, and many other national/international brand foods!






The first and only of it’s kind in Minnesota! A full service deli with more than a dozen scratch made salsas, salads and plenty of other Mexican foods to heat and eat! In addition, the Grab n Go deli is stocked with authentic foods like tamales, guisados, rice, beans, and other delicious foods to reheat or ready to cook!




Fresh bakery & pastry items made in house, traditional sweet breadand desserts like conchas, empanadas to tres leches, flan, and gelatina de leche (milk based jello).



Fresh butcher shop that serves  authentic mexican cut & seasoned meats such as carne al pastor, fajitas, chicken adobado, thin beef for carne asada, and much more!



Mrs. Silva still is the one that personally continues to travel to Mexico to work with artisans that provide her every year with new art as well as classics. Seasonal items such as Dia de los Muertos, Cinco de Mayo, and Christmas are the best selection in Midwest!



MEXICAN HOLIDAY PUNCH – Ponche Navideno Get all your ingredients at El Burrito Mercado, itʼs super easy to make!

• Large stock pot

• 1.5 gallons of water

• 1lb of guayabas

• 5 pieces of sliced apple

• 6 two inch pieces of peeled sugar cane

• 8ounces of peeled fresh tamarind

• 3 cinnamon sticks

• 16 ounce total of piloncillo pieces

• Peeled and sliced orange into three pieces

• 3 cloves

• 6 tejocotes (Hawthorne Apples)

(also, you could use a bag of frozen Goya fruit for Ponche)

Add all these items to the water and bring to a boil,gently stir and simmer  until all the fruit is soft. Your house will smell delicious, spike with tequila or brandy.



Shopping List

•Masa, 10lb we have ready to spread masa!

•Meat Filling, 4lb pre-packaged chicken in green sauce or pork in red sauce

•Corn Husks 1 bag

•Tamalera special pot for steaming tamales

Use about 5oz masa & 2oz meat filling per tamale estimates about two to three dozen tamales- depends

on your preferred tamales size.

Assembly and Cooking

1. Soak the corn husks in hot water so they become flexible & pliable, cut or layer corn husks and try to get the same size. (This could be a fun kids job)

2. This step is if you purchased our prepared masa. Using a soup spoon or buy a tamales spreader, in about the center of the corn husk with narrow side pointing away from you, start spreading and cover about 3/4 of corn husk, don’t spread too thin, nor too thick. (There are some great how to YouTube videos for techniques)

3.  Plop the filling into the center (chicken, pork, beans, cheese, veggies) and carefully fold one side over, then fold over the other half and lastly fold over the ‘end’ with no masa or filling in it, and give it a gentle squeeze ‘closing’ the end.

 4.  •First place a penny at the bottom of the pot, yes, a penny.

•Insert the included flat strainer on the lip so it rests about 3″ from bottom of the pot, fill with hot water til it reaches the strainer.

•Place an empty 32oz can or metal square cheese grater in the center and layer corn husks around the center.

5.  •Then begin placing the tamales open end up with folded end inward, placing them starting from the can or cheese grater and working outward.

•Continue layering tamales til about 3/4 to the top, cover with a wet terry cloth towel or aluminum foil, place lid tightly

•Cook at low to medium heat, if penny starts rattling, add more hot water slowly down the sides trying to not soak tamales.

•After about 1.5-2hrs check tamales, they are done when you pull the corn husk back the masa does not stick to it, let cool and enjoy or freeze them.

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