La Experiencia Mexicana.

This is Mexico in Saint Paul!  Authentic deli, groceries, and beautiful arts and crafts lovingly selected  directly from artisans in Mexico.

Tomas and Maria Silva are the original owners, from humble beginnings in Aguascalientes, Mexico, in 1979, with minimal education, mostly street smarts, and plenty of vision and faith, they took over a small 800sq ft market and converted it to El Burrito Market, dba El Burrito Mercado.  Offering only dry Mexican groceries and tortillas, one cash register, and a van in which Tomas would use on weekends to go to Chicago to load up on merchandise.

What started as a tiny mercado to meet basic Mexican grocery needs for the latino community in the Westside of St. Paul MN, has become a destination in the heart of WestSide St. Paul.  With much sacrifice and hard work, after several years in that tiny store and with the growth of the Latino demographics, the business blossomed.  In 1995 Tomas and Maria ventured to move into a 13,000 sq ft building just across the street, which is the current location at 175 Cesar Chavez St., St. Paul, MN

El Burrito Mercado is truly a unique business because it offers so many experiences in one marketplace in a beautifully decorated location, it’s adorned with  the items they annually handpick from vendors in Mexico and sell in the market.  The quality selection of grocery, fresh produce, and meats & seafood distinguishes it from other Mexican markets, the foodservice side of the business is the fastest and most consistent growing area of the business.  The deli features authentic grab n go mexican dinners, full service deli with salads, heat and eat foods, and more than a dozen salsas.

Our restaurants features four unique dining experiences: cafeteria style, dine-in full service, buffet/brunch, and in the summer an outdoor patio.   They also have a private dining space for private event use accommodating groups up to 35, La Placita Room.

Almost 40 years in business, El Burrito Mercado is thriving under the watchful eyes of the Silva sisters Milissa and Suzanne and third generation Analita. This trio of hardworking women manage with love and attention to detail. This power team ensures that El Burrito Mercado continues to thrive and growing with its always expanding product offerings, creative and professional catering, more seating in the restaurant and in the newly added outdoor La Placita Patio. All of these while The Silva family strives to keep things real, never compromising quality, service, or authenticity.  If it feels real is because it is. Viva La Experiencia Mexicana!

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